How to Choose Where to Drink

We have all been in this situation. We ask our significant other or our group of friends, “where do you want to go?” You might be in the situation of wanting to try something new but are not sure where to look. Let’s go through a few steps on how to choose.  In the end, you can see what bar to get a drink at.

1) You need to decide what your budget is. Are you going out because you just got your paycheck? Maybe you and your buddy just want to drink a few cheap beers. If you are going out on a date you don’t want to look cheap but we all know dates can get expensive. So you are going to want a middle ground tavern like Fraunces Tavern.


2) How dressed do you want to get? If you are looking for an after-work bar than a more tavern type bar might be for you. If you are looking for a nice night out on the town, you are going to want to look for a fancy place with some history. The Back Room is the place for a fancy night out.

3) What do you want to drink? Are you looking to sip on a frothy beer or a fancy cocktail? How about a glass of wine and a charcuterie board? Most bars you can get a cold beer, but it is harder to find a good cold beer to sip with some history. Stop by the White Horse Tavern for that cold beer and sips of history.

If you still can’t decide, take this BuzzFeed quiz!

5 Reasons Why Historic Bars are Better

As a tourist, frequent visitor, or long-term resident, chances are you are looking for a unique night out, in the city that never sleeps. If you use Yelp or Google, they will show you the top drinking spots in an area, which get overcrowded on a Friday night or will break the bank. To get around that, here are the 5 reasons you should go to a historic bar.

Unlike many large cities in America, NYC was one of the first major metropolises in North America. Wall Street, now known for its financial industry, was named after the original wall that surrounded the small city on the southern part of the island, in the 17th century. Within this wall, the home for the mayor was built in 1671 which is now the location of Fraunces Tavern. Only in a city as old as NYC can you find a place like that.

Let’s be honest, taking the first date to a college bar is not romantic or civil. I would call it childish and lame. Instead, take them to a place with a lot of history and a little class. A historic bar is just that. Take the information on this blog and impress your next date on how the Italian Mob ran guns and booze through this old speakeasy while sipping on a unique house cocktail. This will be sure to keep them interested and provide talking pieces so there is never a quiet moment.

  •  Bar Tenders Appreciate the History

Unlike most places, the employees at these historic sights appreciate the history and have a respect for the establishment. They do not have a high turnover rate on bartenders because they love where they work and the type of people the ambiance attracts. A happy bartender helps to create the unique experience a historic bar gives.

  • Generally, Quiet

Many of these bars are off the beaten path or a newer “hip” bar a block away has attracted the cheaper drinker. This means that many historic bars are not crowded. These places also have classier music, such as jazz, and don’t blare the top 20 list on repeat. The volume and tone of the music fits an atmosphere respectful of the great men and women who drank there before us.

As with all great things that last through the age, from the great pyramids in Egypt to the American Constitution, the historic bars in NYC were here before us and will be here after us. So, grab a friend or a date and enjoy the time out with sips of history.