The Top 10 Influence’s in the NYC Bar Scene

This is a list of the top ten blogs and websites that review the same awesome bars and taverns that make NYC great.

1) NY Eater

This website is filled with reviews on bars and taverns to have a nice drink and some delicious eats. Although not entirely devoted to reviewing bars, it is diffidently worth looking at

2) Thrillist

This is another website dedicated to NYC. It has plenty of reviews looking at the top bars in NYC to those hidden gems that people overlook or miss entirely.

3) NYC Best Bar

This is a blog dedicated to the best bars in NYC. It changes its lists yearly and lets all its readers know about drink specials and even employment opportunities at those bars. Among the list of the “Best Bars” are Down the Hatch, The Gin Mill, and The 13th

4) Joonbug

Dedicated to the nightlife and party scene in NYC, this blog gives its readers ample information about the best places to party and what are upcoming events. Although not dedicated to the historic aspect of drinking in NYC, it provides awesome areas to drink and eat.

5) First We Feast

Have you ever wanted to know where the best place to get real Mexican food in NYC? How about where to get the top-notch mixed drink? First We Feast is the perfect place to look for the next bar to get a really unique drink in a unique saloon.

6) NY Mag

Although NY Mag is about all things NY, it has some great things to say about new bars being built or special events that all of NYC is invited to.

7) The Alcohol Professor

This awesome website can educate you on all things alcohol. It has tutorials on tasting wine, brewing beer, and special places to drink from vineyards in CA to Bars in NYC. It is the perfect website to become the wine and beer snob you always wanted to be or pretend to be

8) Grub Street

This website has some awesome reviews on where to eat and drink. It is the perfect sight to visit before any outing in NYC.

9) Beer Advocate

This is a forum-based website which locals in NYC or other big cities can share their own opinions about where to have a nice pint.

10) The Culture Trip

After visiting all the websites on this list, stop by The Culture Trip to learn about the best places to drink and eat around the world. They have post and reviews about watering holes from North America, Africa, and even the Middle East.