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As a tourist, do you get lost in the sheer mass of places to drink in NYC? As an NYC resident, are you tired of the same watering hole and looking for a new place to quench your thirst? This blog will open your eyes to the historic taverns in NYC. Ignore the college bars and posh restaurants. Instead, sip on a stout where President George Washington drank with the founders of America. Dodge the police as you find your way into a hidden speakeasy. Go out and explore the city that never sleeps while enjoying sips of history. As a New Yorker and former moonshine drinker from NC, I’ve had the pleasure to drink the unique and the staples of any drinking society. I enjoy my own watering holes but exploring the city and learning its history has always been a fun pastime. I figured instead of keeping these tasteful pubs to myself, I would share my experiences and maybe bring a taste of history to your next drink.