Cheapest Bars in Manhattan

You had a rough week and are trying to find a cheap place to drink and meet some new friends. Where are you going to go? NYC is a very expensive place to live and an even more expensive place to drink. The further from Manhattan you go, the cheaper drinks get. But if you don’t want to go deep into Brooklyn, here is a list of the three cheapest places to drink in Manhattan.

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First, the Thirteenth Step. Although not a historic bar, it a is an extremely cheap place to drink. Its address is 149 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003. It’s right in the heart of the east village. It is crowded most nights of the week and is a perfect place have a drink after a long day. If you’re free on a Tuesday, stop by for their $1 draft beer special. If you get tired drinking them or maybe it is just too crowded for your taste, right around the corner is McSorley’s Old Ale House. This is a true historic gem of NYC and will be featured next week.


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Second, a classic and a favorite of this blog is The White Horse Tavern. Located in the financial district on Bridge Street, is the cheapest bar within 4 train stops. Every hour it is open is happy hour. Go talk to Anita or Tom, two of their best bartenders and they will set you upright. Check out a previous blog post to learn all about The White Horse Tavern.

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Third, Rudy’s has been in NYC since 1933. They got their liquor license right after prohibition ended. Although not as cheap as the previous two, it is still quite cheap compared to the rest of NYC and has that historic atmosphere that all readers of this blog love. This will be featured at the end of next week as well.

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