Keeping healthy while sipping on history

After visiting a historic bar over the weekend, it is time to burn off those pesky calories. Although drinking where mobsters and presidents drank can be a wonderful experience, the ever-growing beer belly should be concerning. To help keep the 3rd-trimester look away, check out Gauthier Gainzz.

Gauthier Gainzz is a fitness and life style blog that can help to keep you looking good. If you are traveling to NYC and don’t have a gym, check out his post on keeping fit while traveling. If you don’t know what kind of post workout supplements to take, check out his post called Best Post-Workout Recovery Drinks.

The Blog writer, Will Gauthier, has been working out since the early 2000’s. He has accumulated years of experience and is using his blog as a platform to share his intimate knowledge of all things gym and health related. The great thing that separates his blog from other fitness websites, it that he is an amateur like you. He loves fitness and wants to share his love without selling you some sort of program or supplement. The other blogs are complicated, and the knowledge is difficult to implement. Gauthier takes a simple approach so that other armatures in the fitness world can look and feel good without the gimmicks.

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